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Frequently asked questions :
Q. Why didn't you incorporate a cutout for the side markers in your front fenders ?
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Q. Do your products come with a warranty ?
A:. No, they do not, as is the case with most aftermarket bodykits. We design products with the disclaimer of " Off Road Use Only ". We are also not responsible for product misuse and/or improper handling due to installation errors. However we here at Victory Function pride ourselves in fully road testing and re-engineering a product before we release it to market to ensure the utmost safety for the end user.
Q. I received my product and it was mishandled during shipping and / or I changed my mind... Help ?
A: We do offer a DOA guarantee only - NO RETURNS. It is the purchasers responsibility examine the product when it arrives and inform us immediately if there is a issue. Once product leaves our facility - we disinherit all responsibility which now belongs to the purchaser.
Q. Do you guys offer international shipping ?
A: Yes we do, please feel free to contact us to discuss your needs.
Q. Does Victory Function offer sponsorships ?
A:. Usually when we make a new product announcement, we have a couple of slots available, but currently we do not. VF will make a Facebook post dictating when we are accepting applications.
Have fun and drive responsibly !
A: We initially opted for a cleaner solution where the flow of the fender lines were uninterrupted. In the state of CA you do how ever need these to be be " road legal " so now we offer a OEM downloadable template to make your own cut or stay tuned for our own version.... VF-01TS.
Most however do not care, as you are generally not cited for infractions like these.
Q. My CFRP as slight anomalies, aka clear coat imperfections, divets, minor cloth weave errors... Help ?
A: No carbon weave product sold anywhere is perfect - rest assured that our degree of tolerance of imperfections is marginally higher than yours. We do not let product leave our home base that we are not proud of or would not represent ourselves.
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